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15 December 2020

Curatorial: Planes | Spheres

Planes | Spheres Bunga Yuridespita & Nunung W.S. Bunga Yuridespita (1989) and Nunung WS (1948) are probably two of the few contemporary Indonesian painters whose body of works appears utopian. If I were to briefly describe their practice, Bunga and Nunung have a distinctive way of representing the three-dimensional sensation. Not only are their abstract […]

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21 October 2020

Curatorial: The year of _________

D Gallerie x Project Mei Abenk Alter & Hilmy P. Soepadmo HOW many of our plans saw the light of day and how many of our inhibitions finally received attention? The year has unraveled unimaginable circumstances that have both been challenging and complex in nature. For a moment the world stopped in its track, life […]

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1 September 2020

September Round-Up Part 1

Presented in two parts, A&M’s September round-up features 10 new exhibitions featuring Southeast Asian artists.

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11 March 2016

Historia Docet Historia Vitae Magistra – The Other Side Of History

Twelve contemporary artists retell and reinvent Indonesian history in the ongoing Historia Docet Historia Vitae Magistra art exhibition at D Gallerie in Jakarta.

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14 November 2016

Perayaan Seni Grafiti Prancis dan Indonesia

Puluhan pencinta seni berkumpul di D'Gallerie Jakarta dan Museum Nasional untuk merayakan seni grafiti.

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8 February 2017

Kawasan Kalijodo Dipercantik dengan Grafiti dan Mural

Kawasan Kalijodo dipercantik dengan seni grafiti maupun mural yang akan mengisi dinding setinggi 8 meter dan selebar 23 meter

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13 March 2018

Karya Seni Indonesia Hiasi Kantor IMF dan Bank Dunia di AS

Karya seniman Indonesia akan dipamerkan di kantor International Monetary Fund (IMF) dan Bank Dunia di Washington DC, Amerika Serikat, 17 hingga 22 April mendatang. Pameran itu akan mengiringi Spring Meeting IMF-World Bank.

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